– Home Access Troubleshooting –

There are many reasons why is not giving you the access of your router. is the default address that brings up genie or the router setup wizard which lets you setup your router or in some cases when you are looking to change the username & password or trying to change wireless password, you need to use the default web address Nighthawk routers come pre installed with VPPN support providing you the maximum security to go online with your information. Award winning company designed the best product which will change your wireless life.

How to setup wifi router using Ip address ?

In some cases where you are not able to see the wifi router page using then you can also use the default IP address. For Nighthawk wifi routers the ip address is and for the wnr routers the IP address is, you can reset your wifi router if you are still not able to login into the router.

How to reset router using Genie App ?

Using you genie app to reset the router is simple and easy to do. You just need to go in the admin section and tap on reset router to factory settings. Now the router will begin the reset process, you will notice orange power light which means it is currently not ready for the use. Give the router about 5 mins or so until you see the stable light is back on indicating the router is up and running. So all you have to do now is connect to the default wireless ssid and password of the router and access to setup your router again.

How to access via smartphone ?

There are two ways to login into your router using your smartphone –

  • Genie App For android and IOS.
  • Using internet browser on your smartphone and opening url setup login troubleshooting

How to connect amazon Amazon Alexa to Routerlogin net routers ?

Amazon Alexa uses the same method to connect as any another wireless device does.

  1. You need to open your amazon Alexa app or if you are using your internet browser then type to access setup page.
  2. Now go through the setup process, once it asks you to connect simply select your WiFi ssid from the list of given wireless names available.
  3. Enter your wireless password and your Alexa will be connected and ready to use.

How to login into Nighthawk RAX200 WiFi Router

Nighthawk routers are well designed and built with advanced features and technology. You can always take help from us on the live chat to know about WiFi routers or if you need help with setting up router login net. Now you can follow our steps to login into your WiFi router –

  1. First step is to unbox your WiFi router and connect the power adapter to turn it on.
  2. Now take an Ethernet cable and plug your modem to the internet slot of the wifi router.
  3. Once these connections are done, connect your computer or laptop with the Rax200 wifi router.
  4. Now open the internet browser and type in the URL: HTTP://, click enter.
  5. Now it will ask you for the wireless password and the username if you have not changed it the default one will work just fine.

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Change username & password | Default login details

  1. You can change your username & password for the WiFi router using the default web address
  2. Open you internet browser and type in the address bar, now type in your login details.genie page
  3. Click on advanced in the genie page after logging in.
  4. Now you can click on wireless username and password to change the default credentials.

Cannot reset router | Troubleshooting Guide

WiFi routers can give you some trouble when you cannot reset it or set it up. Resetting router requires a simple method to use a paperclip or similar object that can reach in the hole to press the button so do not use something that can reset damage the router. You can try resetting the router by holding the pin in for 30 seconds and releasing it after words. In some rare cases if the router is not resetting you can also go for hard reset which will require you to hold the paperclip in the reset hole for 45 seconds. Your router should be working after resetting it for 45 seconds but if it is not working you can check the warranty and get the router fixed or replaced depending on what warranty you have. You can contact technicians on chat to help you with the issue.

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